Stratford House is...

Everything that you imagined your retirement would be-and more! An ideal location in historic downtown Danville and a history and tradition unlike any other Community are just the beginning...

We are glad you've come to find out more about Stratford House. If you have any questions we can answer, or if you would like a tour of our beautiful Community, contact us at (800) 842-5812.

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Rummikub Game

“After 19 years at Stratford House, I still enjoy each day and look forward to all of the interactions I will experience and days filled with different events, activities and entertainment. But most of all my joy lies in my love, care and concern for each resident.  Helping make their day enjoyable and quality-filled makes my job worth everything and more.  There are certainly days when I become more the receiver when it comes to listening to a resident share a story with me from the past or a recent joy that they have experienced.  I cherish these days and can honestly say that it is a delight and privilege to share my life with the residents, for they become part of my family as well.”

Director of Activities/Transportation